A stranded cardigan doesn’t go quite as quickly as a basic garter stitch one for me, especially when worked back and forth and not in the round. The time I invested was well worth it. I adore this little sweater and I hear its owner is wearing it frequently this winter (because we still have winter here some days).


Pattern: Baby Fair Isle by Jean Guirguis, as published in Vogue Knitting on the Go: Baby Knits
Yarn: Dale of Norway Baby Ull, 100% superwash wool, color 83 (charcoal gray), 8523 (green), and a very small amount of color 2908 (orange)
Needles: US size 3
Size: 6 months
Started 10/28 and finished 12/18/2011

I took this next picture before I sewed on the buttons (indeed, before I decided to sew on 4 buttons instead of 2) because I wanted to catch the light of the setting sun. The real color is closer to this than what’s in the previous photo.


This design’s original colors are black with white and pink for the trim. I like charcoal gray better than black and I know the parent likes green and orange. I had lots of green in the Baby Ull pile so I went with that as the main contrasting color. The little bit of orange on the edge really adds a lot to the look:


(1) I added a purl row at the top of each sleeve and the body before binding off so that I got a purl ridge when I sewed them together. This complements the sleeve and lower body bands.
(2) Instead of a 1-button closure I made it 2-button and put button loops on both sides. There’s a bit of overlap on the fronts so I figured parent can button it the other way if there’s a lunch incident that affects the front.
(3) The couple of rows of garter stitch on all edges are not enough to prevent curling. I added a facing along the button bands and neck so they would lie flat and would have added it on the bottom and cuffs if I hadn’t run out of steam. When I was knitting the last row of the facing to its first row to close it I left small gaps where the buttons go so it’s possible to sew the buttons back on if they should come loose without having to undo the bands.


Apparently I’m the first person on Ravelry to have made this one. Mine is the only entry.