No yarn content today although I’ve been knitting up a storm. Speaking of storm, the weather has been rainy and windy so I’ve been unable to get out to do a photo shoot of finished items. At least not on a weekend. So today I present to you a non-yarn project. In the interest of keeping warm and reducing packaging coming into the house, and in keeping with the theory that it’s OK to eat junk food if you make it yourself, today’s project was homemade potato chips.

I like salt and vinegar chips so I made a solution of 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup water with 1 tablespoon salt dissolved in it. First step: attempting to slice the chips thinly and uniformly (uh, rather unsuccessful at that; next time I should use a mandolin(e)):


I soaked each sliced potato for a few minutes in the liquid, then moved the slices off to drain for a few minutes while the next potato soaked:


Next I arranged the slices on a greased cookie sheet. Here you can see the thick-and-thin result of my knife skills, if the word “skill” can be applied here:


And after nearly 2.5 hours in the oven, I have potato… chews. They are not crispy. I took the photo on the cookie sheet so you can see how much they shrunk. They don’t even fill up a soup bowl and this was 6 potatoes!


I took the thinner slices out earlier as they darkened and let the thicker slices bake longer. I don’t know how to make them crispy when baking them. This happened when I made yam chips a while back, too. The flavor is good, though, which means my vinegar/water/salt idea worked out great.