Not much knitting today quantity-wise, although it was satisfying level-of-difficulty-wise. I worked the last couple of rows on the buttonband of the Ode to Joy jacket, laboring 90 minutes over various types of buttonholes before settling on a combination of the Improved, Improved Horizontal Buttonhole in The Principles of Knitting and the Tulips buttonhole on TECHknitting. Only a few more tails to weave in, plus button-shopping, and it’s done. Finally.

I spent an additional two-plus hours attempting to graft the neckband strip of the Landon cardigan to the cardigan front. The instructions have you pick up the border pattern from the border already on the cardigan front and knit it upward along the neckband; however, this would mean everything’s offset by half a stitch. I chose instead to knit a border strip that starts at center back (once I sew it on) and meets up with the front. This means grafting a mix of knit and purl stitches. The Principles of Knitting to the rescue again (did I mention I bought The Principles of Knitting?) for its description of a mixed graft.

This is what I ended up with (the graft, not the bad cell phone photo at night).

Mixed graft

The basic instructions of “do this when a purl stitch is on the back needle” didn’t work, though, because when stitches meet up, the loops on the front needle are the tops of stitches and the loops on the back needle are the bottoms. In stockinette and garter stitches this doesn’t matter. In a pattern stitch, it matters a lot. I tried following the instructions blindly anyway, and everything was very noticeably off by half a stitch. After several further attempts, I pulled the needles out of each half and left the stitches hanging loosely, still on the strands of white thread so they wouldn’t go anywhere, then ignored everything rote I know about grafting (“as if to knit” and “as if to purl”) and instead carefully followed the stitch path using thin pink thread so I could really see what I was doing. Then I wove over the pink thread with the actual yarn and removed the thread.

I say success! I have one half-stitch that’s a knit where it should have been a purl. I can live with that. You’ll notice I also managed to graft the twisted stitch in the middle of the row. Whew! One more half-neckband and graft to go, and Landon is done.