Maybe, maybe not. Behold the real thing:


And the knitted thing that may be better than the real thing.


On the yummy scale the sushi wins over the sushi wallet. But for long-lasting enjoyment, take a durable little bag!

Pattern: “Sushi Wallet” by Maggie Pace, purchased as a kit by Pick Up Sticks!.
Yarn: it doesn’t say, but to me it feels like Cascade 220. It weighs 50 grams so I recorded 110 yards used.
Needles: US size 10
Size: 4.25″ x 7″
Started 12/19/2011 and finished 1/8/2012. Knitted 12/19-12/20, felted 12/25 and 12/29, sewed 1/2-1/8.

The pattern comes with three options: large sushi, small sushi, and striped plate. I made the small sushi for the front and the plate for the back.


The bag is worked back and forth in stockinette stitch in one piece, from to-be-zippered edge to the other to-be-zippered edge, then seamed on the sides. I started with the striped part and when I reached the halfway point switched to red only. Seaming before felting was kind of a pain until I remembered it doesn’t need to be super neat when you’re going to be felting something.

You do have to be neat when sewing in a zipper and I achieved that nicely on the 5th go:


One tip for anyone making little sushi disks: cast on loosely! My cast on was too tight and I didn’t end up with disks so much as cones, both before and after felting. It initially gave the bag a bit of a 1986 Madonna feel although the disks have flattened a bit with use. And felting in the washing machine didn’t work too well for the disks, either. They’re so light that I presume they just didn’t get enough agitation even with towels in there with them. I ended up finishing felting them by hand in the sink, then sewed them on very tightly to reduce how much they protrude. Tight sewing:


And lastly, a pre-felting and post-felting size comparison:



P.S. to S.F. readers: if you’re in that neighborhood, go to The Ice Cream Bar on Cole Street! Talk about yummy. I had a hot fudge sundae for lunch there today. (Yes, for lunch, not after lunch, because I’m a grown-up and can do what I want.) The folks sitting next to me were commenting than any sundae is too big for one person and I felt 4 sets of eyes on me as I was spooning up the last bits. I thought to myself, “well, yeah, if you fill up on lunch first…”