“…you’re overstimulated, […] we’ll get some beer in you and then it’s straight to bed.” *

I spent a big chunk of today running errands and just being out and about, enjoying a really warm day and spindling out by the lake, and another big chunk looking at my yarn and looking at patterns and browsing on Ravelry and going back to look at my yarn… well, you get the picture. Actually, I took a carefully edited picture. There was more than this piled on the table. I pared it down lest someone question my sanity.


Yarns/patterns for baby smocked dress, swirl jacket, custom design for my mom, booties, Shur’tugal sock still in progress (I swear there’s no end in sight), Wa na na na na na na na Bat Shawl, Citron shawl.

I’ve had the beer and cast on for a Citron shawl. It’s still a little early and far too warm for bed, plus my brain is absolutely whirling with potential projects. I think I’ll watch “Blink” and try to focus on Citron, see if that quiets things down in there a bit.

* Marge Simpson to Homer.