A few months ago I went to the yarn shop and liked a sample scarf knitted up in Noro Kirameki. I bought the yarn and ended up making something completely different with it, and something crocheted at that.


Pattern: Half Granny Square Shawl by Anastacia Zittel
Yarn: 1 skein Noro Kirameki Singles, 60% rayon, 25% nylon, 10% wool, 5% cashmere, color 152
Hook: size G (4mm)
Size: 58″ across the top and 28″ from top to point
Started 1/8 and finished 1/26/2012

I didn’t understand the first couple of rows of the instructions. I made the chained ring, fiddled with the first row or two and ripped it out multiple times, then ignored the instructions and made three shells in the ring. That worked and I could get going on the first real row.

The yarn is clingy, sticks to itself firmly. This was good for not losing the last dozen stitches when I threw the shawl into my messenger bag and the hook fell out, and bad for when I discovered a mistake a few rows back and had to rip. Luckily that only happened a few times and I only broke the yarn once trying to tug it free while ripping. It reminded me that one of the reasons I like knitting better is I can usually drop down just the few affected stitches to fix a simple mistake. When crocheting your only choice is to rip back entire rows. Well, you could also repeat the mistake and call it a design feature.


It blocked out nicely. If you want yours to block out wider at the top, make those chains when turning a row looser than I made mine. Mine are a little tight.