My mom took a photo of a sweater in a shop window (shop was closed) on her vacation last year and asked me to try to duplicate it for her. This is the source photo I’m working with:


The body is knit sideways in one piece with short rows and it looks like the sleeves were added using short rows rather than sewn in. It has puffed sleeve caps and a deep ribbed collar. She plans to wear it over a dress. I’ve searched on Ravelry and have conceded defeat: I can’t find anything that looks like this.

This means I have to make my own schematic. She bought Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light yarn (she was surprised at the cost of yarn in general and this was one with an acceptable price in a color and fiber she liked) and I spent some time swatching. Here’s my sketch, swatch, and the start of a schematic, with Mama’s actual measurements covered up because a lady’s measurements are really no one’s business but her own and perhaps her tailor’s.


I sometimes enjoy a knitting challenge although it usually involves adapting some else’s more complex pattern to add waist shaping or to accommodate my always-off gauge. Now that I’m trying to figure out how on earth to calculate body length when you add a deep collar later and fiddling with where to place the short rows to get the swingy front and place the sleeves, I’m starting to wish the store had been open.

First-time Tosh user says: the yarn is divine.