My mom called and said someone she knows is having a baby and she wanted to get a pair of booties from me. My stock was low so I spent my bus rides last month knitting a pair or two:


Pattern: own
Yarns: Dale of Norway Baby Ull in color 8523 (green), 4516 (pink), 2908 (orange), 5726 (blue); DROPS Fabel in color 153p (orange faux isle); Creatively Dyed Yarn Calypso in color Aruba (purple)
Needles: US size 2
Started 3/30 and finished 5/8/2012

Nine sounds like too small a number to describe the hours of work that went into these so I tell myself it’s actually 18 finished items. That sounds far better.

The antidote to weeks of tiny bus knitting: big bus knitting! This is going to be a felted hat and I’m showing it on top of a letter-size sheet of paper so you get a sense of scale.


It looks really funny on my head but no photo of that because it’s a bad day for vanity today.