No knitting, but a bit of nature for you. When I visited my parents last weekend, I found lovely tiger-striped caterpillars resting in the parsley. A quick Google Images search revealed these are monarch butterfly caterpillars.


Yesterday I went to the park where I went on the bird walk (first time I’ve ever been and the last one for this year) and also spent some time looking at the herons in their tree. I saw 6 adults and 2 juveniles and managed to get a too-far-away picture of one of the juveniles. You’ll have to click for the big version and even then the bird is small.


Two families of geese, one with 8 goslings and one with 4, paddled around in Stow Lake in a group:


Then came out of the water to eat tufts of grass:


And were so enthralled by their snacking that they came nearer and nearer, until a couple of the older goslings got close enough to brush up against my shins.



Of each pair of parents, one kept watch and the other snacked along with the youngsters. An adult gave a brief quiet honk once and 15 birds hustled for the edge, ready to jump in the water to get out of the way of an approaching dog. Dog was on leash, though, and passed quickly, and all the birds went back to feeding.

Tonight I went up on the roof to look at the solar eclipse. I was oddly excited to see that little crescent reflected on my piece of paper, perhaps because it’s one of those things I’ve never managed to see due to unfortunately-timed cloud cover.


That’s all for nature, folks. Back I go to watching bad TV, plodding away at a couple of knitting projects, and wishing tomorrow wouldn’t be the anniversary it will be.