I spent the last few days spinning on the spindle and the wheel. Currently on the wheel: a gray Lincoln-Corriedale blend with a red streak of bamboo going through it. It’s 10 ounces so I split it into 4 70-gram bundles and am spinning it at 32 wpi to get an 8 wpi 4-ply at the end. I’m semi-successful at keeping it at 32. As usual, there are thicker parts and thinner parts. Here I am at the halfway point:


I’m always fascinated by how fiber can take up so much less space once spun.

Among many other things, I made yogurt today. The instructions on the package of starter were a little vague and after letting it sit in its mason jar for 4 hours in a warmed oven that cooled over the time period I still had liquid. A quick Google search to the rescue (how did we all manage pre-Internet? I guess you asked a yogurt-making neighbor or friend) and I pulled out Mr. MmmYarn’s heating pad to wrap the jar. I now have a pretty solid substance. No photo because it’s just a jar of white stuff, not very interesting. I’m also getting ready to take my first trip since Mr. MmmYarn died. Sort of looking forward to it and sort of not. It’s a family visit and I’m happy about that. There won’t be much of being a lone tourist but it involves a suitcase and a flight and a possible semi-intimate moment with a TSA officer (definitely taking bamboo and not metal size 2 needles on board) if I’m one of the fortunate ones selected for screening.