Someone better have a cold head sometime soon, because I made hats. Some came and went so fast I don’t even remember making them.

The first two are adult size. Plymouth Encore is machine washable and dryable and I hope these are selling points at the craft fair toward the end of this year. Even though this isn’t my favorite material to work with, what’s the point of using fancy (= usually more expensive) yarns if people want machine dryable?


Pattern: own (one is co 88, inc to 96; the other is co 80, inc to 88)
Yarn: .95 skein Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun Worsted, 75% acrylic, 25% wool, color 7148
Needles: US size 7
Size: Adult S and M-L
Started 1/30 and finished 2/1/2012

These next two are made of the yarn my niece rejected for her legwarmers (she wanted solid pink). This was enough to make a child-size and baby-size hat. I like the single crochet “tentacles” sprouting out of the top of the larger hat.


Pattern: own (one is co 72, inc to 80; the other is co 56, inc to 63)
Yarn: .95 skein Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun Worsted, 75% acrylic, 25% wool, color 7517
Needles: US size 7
Size: Child and baby
Started 2/2 and finished 2/8/2012

This next one is my own pattern that I wrote a few years ago and never published. Given how much trouble I had following my own thought process later it’s just as well. The original blue Reverse Double Cable Hats never made it here to Mmm… Yarn because I’ve lost the digital photos. Here is the design in a striped version:


Pattern: own (Reverse Double Cable Hat)
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Tweed, 100% wool, color SH.5313 (brown) and SH.5314 (green)
Needles: US size 8
Size: adult
Started 2/17 and finished 3/8/2012

Lest you think I’m solely focused on keeping the Plymouth Yarn company in business, I made a couple of baby hats in something else. I wasn’t planning on making these in one day; when I finished the first I weighed what was left and had plenty so I went for it:


Pattern: own
Yarn: James C. Brett Marble Chunky, 100% acrylic, color MC23
Needles: US size 10.5
Size: baby
Started and finished 4/9/2012

Other good news (I think adding 7 items to the pile of craft fair items is good news): I made a mistake when I added my two patterns to Ravelry in 2008 and 2009 and they were never attributed to me as designer, which means I didn’t own them and therefore got no messages/comments/earburns about them. That got fixed two weeks ago after someone finally sent me a direct message to tell me the links were all broken (thus far people had been adding comments, and because I wasn’t the designer I never got them) and I asked the Ravelry folks for help. The patterns are now in my control and I fixed the links. My apologies to anyone who was frustrated by this problem. I wasn’t aware it was a problem until I got that email.