One of our vacation souvenirs was a bottle of port wine that came in a wooden box. How fortunate that the box is just the right size to use as a traveling spindle case:

Traveling spindle

Two of my spindles fit in it (come to think of it, they could fit in there both at once); the third’s whorl is too large for this box to accommodate it. I obviously will need to pad it with loose fiber on the sides, a large wad of cotton at the hook and tip, and maybe a t-shirt all around it because the wood is rather rough and the fiber will snag otherwise, but this box should be sturdy enough to protect my spindle after I turn my suitcase over to the gentle-handed (!) folks who fling baggage into and out of the underbelly of an airplane. The box also fits neatly between the metal posts that hold the suitcase’s telescoping handle, giving it more protection. It’s not that I can’t go a few days without spinning. It’s that my grandmother often asks about my current projects and I want to demonstrate what I do for her.