Normally I spin fiber onto a spindle until I can’t manage the singles anymore, then wind off so I can ply it from both ends, either using a ball winder or nostepinne, or wrapping it around my wrist Andean-style. Here’s a picture that’s been here before, showing Andean-style plying from both ends:


It works well and uses up every inch of singles exactly, although there are small snarls from time to time. This time I split the fiber in half and spun each half separately, sliding the first half of the spun fiber onto a knitting needle to wait while I spun the other half. Now I’m winding the singles from both cops off into one firm ball (with a large ball of mercerized cotton as the center so the winding goes faster), which I’ll then ply from there. Here you go, my first plying ball, still in progress:

Plying ball

I imagine it will be easier to ply from than anything two-ended because I won’t be dealing with any tangles but this will also show up my intermediate spinning skills and possibly inaccurate kitchen scale, in that I’m sure there will be many more yards of one ply than another.

Updated two hours later: my scale and I are better than I thought. One strand is only a few inches longer than the other:

Plying ball