I do not need another pair of socks. I do not need another pair of socks. I do not need… Oh, but I did need a small bus project and I’ve had this yarn in the stash for several years and I want only to make socks with it. Here’s the beginning:


I like how the pink looks darker in the sock than in the skein. This pair will put my 2 sock drawers over the tipping point: either I need to establish another sock drawer (unlikely) or start using them to decorate because there’s nowhere else for them to go.

After last week’s post I knitted a couple of inches on Mama’s pullover and, as I expected, the color change from Early Grey only to Earl Grey blended with Early Grey stood out like a circus tent on a glacier, so I ripped and started over Sunday night, this time blending both all the way through. I believe I’ll reach and possibly finish the armhole opening today, so back I go to knitting.