I feel like I’ve fallen into a knitting black hole. I swear I have been knitting forever on my mom’s sweater, yet the second front still hasn’t reached the first one and when I take a new photo it looks exactly like the last one you saw, only the amorphous mass is larger. The empty armholes mock me, knowing I have to not only make the sleeves but calculate how to make the poofy bit at the shoulder before I even cast them on. The bus knitting socks for me are going slowly slowly slowly; the first one has turned into the neverending sock. I’m also going on a trip relatively soon and have been pawing through the stash to come up with a travel project or two. I know I’m lucky to have these kinds of… well, not problems. These definitely cannot be called problems. Perhaps an overabundance of riches. If I had two skeins of yarn in the stash, choosing a travel project would be right easy now, wouldn’t it?