Last night I thought I’d whip out a weird* scarf for the upcoming craft fair at my work. Mondial Papillon looked weird enough in the skein as it sat on the shelf in the yarn shop. It’s a ladder yarn with a fuzzy edge:

Ruffly yarn

And with only 35 yards in the skein I figured I’d have it done in an hour, tops. Well… I have to say it is interesting knitted up, but is it weird?

Ruffly scarf WIP

Whipping it out isn’t going to happen. This skein is 35 yards of painstaking stockinette hell and I’m only a quarter of the way through the skein. The yarn wants to be twisted and fights being smoothed flat (and must be flat if I’m to knit into the ladder part), and when I experimented with a few different widths I learned that if I dropped a stitch the slippery polyester meant there was no getting it back. When pulled the needle out of all 6 stitches to start over with 8, I immediately had a pile of un-knitted yarn lying in neat (+ twisted) rows in my lap. No frogging needed here, the scarf just dissolved on the spot. I’m going slowly on this one.

I wonder how it could possibly be the same knitter who purchased these in the same week as Papillon:

Book and Spindrift

Really looking forward to working with Spindrift.

* “Weird” and “crazy” were two features requested last year by craft fair shoppers. Not sure I hit the mark in creating weird or crazy items this year so I’m trying to squeeze in a few ruffle scarves over the next couple of weeks.