A quick look at the stash in the summer inspired me to knit up a few hats. I had already made one with the Sunday Brunch wool/mohair blend from Fearless Fibers a while back that I didn’t much like because of how it pooled. Here’s a blast from the past:


It’s my design so obviously my doing that it turned out like this. I could have ripped and started over. I didn’t; as always, I put it in the finished items box with the anticipation that someone eventually will love it. This time around with this yarn I worked a k3 p3 spiral rib which pleases me far more.


Pattern: own
Yarn: Fearless Fibers Mohair and Wool DK, 55% mohair, 45% wool, color: Sunday Brunch
Needles: US size 6
Size: adult small-medium
Started 5/16 and finished 5/21/2012

The mohair/wool blend gives the hat a drapey feel but using size 6 needles gives it body so it isn’t floppy. It just feels like it has the potential to be floppy. While I’ve only ordered a few skeins from Fearless Fibers (indeed my only Etsy vendor yarn purchase ever, simply because my stash is large and Etsy so huge it’s bewildering), I liked her colors and was sorry to hear she ceased business in 2012. I have a few more of her skeins kicking around, waiting for inspiration to hit.

This next one I call the Mostly Cairn hat. Ysolda Teague’s Cairn design is beautiful but I didn’t have the right gauge yarn in the colors I wanted so I used a thicker yarn, changing the stitch and row counts and the motif placement a little to make it work. The hat looks darker in person.


Pattern: adapted from Cairn by Ysolda Teague, as published in Whimsical Little Knits (now Whimsical Little Knits 1)
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool XL, 80% wool, 20% Silk, 0.7 skeins color 10 (navy blue) and 0.6 skeins color 12 (burgundy)
Needles: US size 6
Size: adult medium
Started 5/26 and finished 6/7/2012

Honeycomb stitch, as I’ve read it called, is less complicated than it looks. It uses slipped stitches so you’re only ever working with one color at once. I had tried it once for a sock cuff that didn’t work out. This was years ago. My knitting skills have improved considerably since then, must try it again.

I also deviated from the pattern in how the top is finished:


The last hat for today is made from a yarn I was hoping to like but didn’t. This is Knit Picks Crayon, a textured cotton, worked up in a simple k2 p2 rib:


Pattern: own
Yarn: Knit Picks Crayon, 100% cotton, color B990 (Crème Brulée)
Needles: US size 4
Size: adult small
Started 7/10 and finished 7/21/2012

I wanted to like it, thinking it would be a great choice for children’s sweaters. I actually procrastinated working on the hat because I didn’t like the yarn. It’s soft enough all right, enough to snag on my hands as I worked and to try to fall apart when I wove in its tails. And also soft enough to be a chemo cap so not all is lost. Perhaps I should have gone down yet one more needle size to give the hat more body but working with size 3s I was fighting the yarn too much.

The lemons I got from my in-laws last week were simply begging to be turned into something tasty so I made this yesterday, and invited a friend over so I could share the joy.


Today I am tagging items for an upcoming craft fair. It was going well until I ran out of laser printer business card stock and went to buy more. Why, oh why, is whatever is available never the same template as last time? I have to re-create my tags from scratch every single time I buy a new pack of card stock. Copy and paste doesn’t work; the alignment is always off when I do that. It’s a minor quibble, but still.