Today’s big adventure was a trip to a knitting and crocheting retreat led by Kira of Kira K Designs at Black Diamond Alpacas, where I met some fluffy alpacas that got close enough to let me (not just me, but all of us there!) pet them:


One (Snowdrop?) was particularly friendly:


That split upper lip apparently makes for a great tool for cage-breaking. The owners/farmers Mike and Donna explained to me how very dexterous those lips are, close to working like opposable thumbs, and how two animals will work together to open something when they realize one set of lips can’t accomplish the task.

Lucy the llama made sure I gave her some attention, too:


As did the cat (I think Thomas… should have written these things down before my sieve-like memory dropped them):


None of the animals knit with us but as they watched the world from their pens I’m sure they couldn’t help but see what we humans on the porch were doing. I can just hear the reaction from the peanut gallery: “what? That’s my winter coat from last year! Why is it that color now?” Most of us were starting the Switchback Cowl, which looks like this before blocking:


Mine’s in a Fearless Fibers merino wool yarn although several attendees started it with a skein of Black Diamond yarn. The spinning is done out of house and Donna does the dyeing.

I relaxed, bought two skeins of alpaca yarn for future projects (so beautiful and soft, and my reward for selling 3 hats at the craft fair on Wednesday), enjoyed the scenery and the nature noises from the birds and alpacas, marveled at how soft camelids are, met some interesting knitters including a very nice lady who carpooled with me, and came home feeling quite content. It’s too bad tomorrow’s a work and not another alpaca day.