Wave farewell to 2012, because it’s gone soon! I have booze and movies and knitting lined up to tide me over until midnight:

New Year's Eve

I had 11 days off work (4 weekends + 4 holidays + 3 forced vacation days) in which I had planned to write up some more project notes for Mmm… Yarn and Ravelry. Instead, I spent 6 days visiting my parents and on the other days read books, knitted and watched TV, and went for walks. The last precious day off is tomorrow and I’ll be getting together with my Monday night knitting group to welcome the new year; it’s back to work on January 2.

The visit was ocean-centric. Here was Christmas Eve:


(In the evening, Netflix was out so we watched “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” instead of something holiday-ish; watching my mom afterward trotting horse-like while clapping her hands with pretend coconuts was an added bonus)

And here’s Christmas Day (whale spouts were far too far away to photograph):



And the day after that (no, none of us donned a wetsuit):


Tonight’s goal: finish the above-pictured baby sweater. All that remains are some tails and to sew on its buttons. Cheers!