At some point I’m going to have to get back to regular project record-keeping, if only for the sake of having my desk resemble a desk rather than the site of an archaeological paper dig in progress. I’m happy to say the coffee table (aka, the many-pending-knitting-projects-storage-because-anything-out-of-sight-is-out-of-mind table) has ample visible surface area today but that’s only because I had a friend over for dinner and cartoon-watching last night and I was hit by that infrequent urge to hide the mess before she arrived yesterday. Today, I took a whack at the desk and unearthed notes on scarves I made, oh, a while ago.

First up, another fluffy Rising Bubbles. I knitted it pretty much as I wrote it except this time I kept two edge stitches in garter stitch throughout. I thought the edge looked neater that way.


Pattern: Rising Bubbles by Mmm… Yarn
Yarn: 1 skein Crystal Palace Kid Merino, 44% nylon, 28% merino, 25% mohair, color 9812
Needles: US size 5
Size: 6″ x 50″
Started 5/19 and finished 5/26/2012

In a curious and definitely premature June panic over the craft fair coming up in December, I made four novelty yarn scarves (none of which then sold in the craft fair…). The first three from left to right were my usual pattern of knit 4 rows, then work 1 row with knit 1, double yarn over, all the way across, ending with knit 1, and drop the yarn overs when knitting the next row. Putting the yarn overs on every 5th row makes the scarf the same on both sides. The last scarf was just 12 stitches across in garter stitch and at the end I dropped the fourth and ninth stitches all the way down to widen the scarf and add two ladders for the sake of a tiny bit of interest. Runway is such a busy yarn that it’s hardly noticeable.


Pattern: own
Yarn: 1 skein each Lana Grossa Viale Print, 100% nylon, color 312 (bright orange/aqua/yellow/etc.); Plymouth Yarn Electra, 100% nylon, color 1 (white/champagne); Trendsetter Yarns Aquarius, 78% polyester, 22% cotton, color 827 (blue/purple); Berroco Runway, 53% nylon, 47% polyester, color 6572 (black/tan/gold)
Needles: US size 9, 10.5, and 11
Started 5/28 and finished 7/6/2012

My second Tapered Zickzack Scarf was next:


Pattern: own
Yarn: 1.7 skeins Plymouth Yarn Kudo, 55% cotton, 40% rayon, 5% silk, color 42
Needles: US size 8
Size: 7″ x 68″
Started 7/8 and finished 7/15/2012

The bulk of the work is simple garter stitch. For the edge, I worked an 8-row repeat called Eyelet Points, from page 70 of “Knitting on the Edge” by Nicky Epstein. Simple and mindless, easy bus knitting, and the tapered shape and coloring caught the eye of most folks who stopped by my table in December. It sold quickly. I like this pattern and will make another one in Noro Silk Garden Lite soon.

The little Flip loom saw a bit of action last summer, if you remember: I had complained here some months ago that I had to un-weave a one-skein scarf in progress because I was running out of yarn. Here’s the original attempt, which gave an interesting shifting pooling effect when warp and weft were the same colorway:


I un-wove a second time after weaving more loosely and still facing the certainty that I would run out of yarn, caved, and bought another skein of TOFUtsies in a complementary color to make the third attempt, leaving the warp in place and weaving with the new skein. Success! Although honestly, I liked the pooled version above better than this very pink version:


Pattern: plain weave
Yarn: South West Trading Company TOFUtsies, 50% wool, 25% soy, 22% cotton, 3% chitin; Warp: .8 skeins color 870 (pink/black/green); Weft: .58 skeins color 733 (pink)
Loom: Schacht Flip, 10-dent reed
Size: 9″ x 75″ without fringe and 84″ with fringe
Started 5/26 and finished 7/23/2012

My edges are getting better:


And last for today, the weird little Papillon scarf you saw in progress here a little while back:


Pattern: stockinette stitch on 8 stitches, with tapered start and finish
Yarn: Mondial Papillon, 100% polyester, color 0924
Needles: US size 10.5
Started 11/18 and finished 11/20/2012

The yarn is a pain in the rump to work with. It wants to curl and kept hiding its little edge from my knitting needles. I worked it quickly just to get it over with and chose stockinette stitch so the scarf would turn into a tube. See, it really is stockinette:


Finished, though, the scarf feels springy and soft. I find it interesting. Although perhaps not weird enough, since it also didn’t find a new home in December. It will rest comfortably in the Big Box of Finished Items until next year; polyester is never in danger of moths.

Judging from all the screaming coming from neighboring apartment buildings at intervals this evening, the 49ers must be doing well at the Super Bowl game.
P.S. a little later: disappointed screaming now, so I know the 49ers lost.