Mid-February is a strange time to post about the previous year’s accomplished knitting, as opposed to the first week of January, but here we are in February. Tonight’s Stitches West Eve (a west coast knitterly holiday, ha!), and it reminds me that it’s high time I did a quick little 2012 sum-up.

I made 74 items last year:

  • 1 felted wallet
  • 14 hats
  • 2 shawls
  • 2 pairs of wristlets
  • 10 scarves (9 knitted, 1 woven)
  • 3 adult sweaters for me
  • 2 baby sweaters
  • 5 pairs of adult socks
  • 6 fruit socks
  • 24 pairs of baby booties
  • 4 cowls
  • 1 headband

All in all, I knit up 18,457 yards (= 10.48 miles)* and 68.75 skeins of yarn. It’s the most miles I’ve knitted in a year since I took up this hobby. I wonder if I’ll beat this number in 2013…

I also spun up 2.33 pounds of fiber, adding 1500 yards of yarn to the stash. It was a productive year.

Must now go decide on a walking-around-the-Market-at-Stitches-West-on-Friday project. Hmmm. Likely it will be a rice stitch hat.

* Yards used includes only finished projects. Things like my mom’s sweater body that I knitted and unraveled twice didn’t make the annual tally because it’s not finished.