Today is Mr. MmmYarn’s birthday. Or is “was” the right word? I’m never sure; I guess it still is, regardless whether he’s here. I pre-arranged for the day off work and went to the Conservatory of Flowers this morning to admire the current blooms:


The valley’s latest planting is in full glory and it was about 70 degrees out so after my time inside I sat on the grass outside a while and worked on the baby cardigan I started Saturday morning. I should have gotten out the proper camera for this shot but you get the idea:


Walked more and went out for an ice cream float for lunch (hey, it’s a birthday!), then came home and watched a movie while knitting more. The cardigan just needs a buttonband and ends woven in at this point. I haven’t made a layer cake in yonks; today was a good day for it despite the warm temperature. While the layers cooled I made turnips with their greens for dinner, then made blue frosting. Bad photo, good cake:


I used the devil’s food recipe from “Tender at the Bone” (adapted: didn’t have enough baking cocoa so made up the difference with regular cocoa and less sugar; didn’t have sour cream so used yogurt) and the 7-minute frosting from “The Gourmet Cookbook,” both by Ruth Reichl. I may not sleep well tonight due to sugar-induced dreams after eating a giant slice of cake at 9:30pm but it’s so very tasty that it’s worth it. Happy Birthday. I wish you were here.