On a whim in November I bought two skeins of a yarn that makes huge frills, aptly named “Frilly.”


The first go was not so good: the instructions on the ball band say to knit into every other hole and I thought I was; however, I was indeed hitting every hole. The yarn was really putting up a fight and it was obvious I would run out before the scarf hit even 3 feet in length. I worked on the first scarf for several days and could not believe the accounts I read on Ravelry of “2-hour project” or the numbers of knitters who have made a couple dozen of these so I tossed it aside in a huff.


Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, I made both scarves more quickly than I had the pitiful half-scarf initially. The fellows look so fancy wearing them:


Pattern: cast on 2, increase to 4 and then to 6; knit into every other hole on the edge; decrease back down to 2 before sewing tail tightly into place with sewing thread
Yarn: Schachenmayr SMC Frilly; 97% acrylic, 3% polyester; color 00088 (black/gray/white) and 00085 (red/orange)
Needles: US size 9
Started 1/27 and finished 2/2/2013

The yarn is slightly sparkly on the ends and is an economical choice: $5 per skein!

Sunday night scramble is ahead for a project for the bus tomorrow. I admit I am reluctant to go to work at all: my office moved over the weekend so I will have to spend a huge chunk of the day helping users get their computers sorted out before I can go to my desk to unpack and untangle my mess. It will all sort itself out, I know.