I got the formerly too-tight stranding on the squares within squares hat sorted out: had to work it inside out and put on less dramatic TV to accompany the work.


Pattern: own (5-stitch squares with 3-stitch squares in them)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Country Classic Worsted, 100% wool, .4 skein color R-60 (Saddle Brown) and .25 skein R-110 (Kiwi)
Needles: US size 7 for ribbing and size 8 for body
Size: adult
Started 1/21 and finished 1/27/2013

It doesn’t pucker anymore when lying flat but in the close-up shot on Don’s head you can see some of the stitches are distorted where it’s stretched over his ears:


Over my ears the stitches don’t do this, presumably because mine are slightly more flexible than Don’s are. Or perhaps I have a more femininely dainty head (ha! mine was second-largest at my knitting night when we passed the tape measure around the table). All in all, I find this design has a nice modern look but the top decreases need a bit of tweaking next time around. Eventually I’ll make another in different colors.