Today’s project: needle felting in a sweater’s tails. These things are going nowhere!

Securing yarn tails

Kids in general went back to school more than a week ago so I guess my vacation from Mmm… Yarn needs to be over now, too. I had intended in June to have a one-month vacation from writing, then ended up taking a guitar class and needed to spend so much time practicing that I decided on a quasi- summer vacation from several things, including writing here. I’m back, and I have knitting.

The sweater above is made from a wool-alpaca blend. The ends felt too slippery to me to leave them their own devices so I wove them in neurotically and brought my needle felting tools to the Laudromat this morning. They’ll stay put. Photos of the sweater need to wait until I find someone to take them. Taking them with the self timer never works out for me.

Yesterday was Spin in Public Day but due to a rather heavy rainstorm that I wasn’t expecting, I did not spin in public. I’ll spin in a gentle mist but not in a downpour (plus I find it rather impossible to spin with wet hands). Today is bright and sunny so I’ll spin at the concert in the park this afternoon.