I held yet another sweater fitting at my mom’s house today and I can finally say I’m in the home stretch on this project. Living this far apart, fittings are few and far between, which means progress is slow between stages. I basted the shoulder and side seams and basted in one sleeve so she could try it on this morning.


The basted-together sweater fits except she says it’s a little too short (dang… I had used a favorite store-bought sweater of hers as a model in December for sketching a new pattern plan, and 2 weeks ago over the phone she said it was “a little short”; cue dropping stomach after that conversation). I’m going to sew it together except the lower part of the side seams, then clip off the ribbing to work downward to lengthen it. Finally I can say: so very close to being finished!

Bonus picture: somewhere I went over the summer, where I met a friend.

Me and a friend