My mom thought I was kidding when I asked her at Thanksgiving to keep an eye out for a glass head in secondhand or antique shops; she had never heard of such an item. She went to an antique store near her house about 10 days ago and there one was! It made it to me in one piece:


Why, yes, I did decorate for Christmas this year. That’s not a propeller, it’s a Weihnachtspyramide.

Hollow, so it’s not too heavy. A little greenish, so it’s not too boring. Smooth, so it’s easy to dust. Now I can block hats, take photos without having to walk all the way to Don & Sancho in the park (good for when I’m in a hurry), and do crown design without getting a crick in my neck trying to see a hat in progress on my own head in the bathroom mirror. Hooray all around!