I impulsively and perhaps foolishly signed up for a mystery knitalong last week, not paying attention to when it started or whether I was ready. The first clue was released on Monday and today’s already Thursday and I haven’t even picked out yarn yet. The pattern asks for 620 meters of one color or 330 and 290 of two different colors. One quick look at the yarn spreadsheet for skeins with adequate yardage followed by a stash dive for those potential solid and semi-solid fingering weight yarns, and here are my options for the Follow Your Arrow shawl:

Yarn choices

I have enough of the two on the left to make the shawl in solid screaming red (looks coral in the picture, but it’s not) or dark purples with bits of fuchsia and burnt orange, or I could pick two of the 5 on the left for the 2-color option. I fished out solid and semi-solid colors because the first clue has a lace chart, indicating anything variegated or self-striping is not the way to go, then scrolled through some of the in-progress photos on Ravelry (I know: spoilers!), which confirmed that what I chose is on the right track. So… decisions, decisions. Worst-case scenario: I knit a bit with one option, and if I don’t like it, I get to start over with a different one. Not a bad scenario, really.

I skipped my usual new year’s eve post because, and brace yourselves, I didn’t knit the night away this year. For the first time in at least a dozen years I went out for the evening and played Bananagrams at a friend’s house down the street. We all had such fun, and I didn’t miss the knitting at all.

In cooking news, I found a new-to-me pumpkin at the farmers’ market a few weeks ago and cooked it up into a curry last night. The vendor said it was a French pumpkin. It’s softer than any pumpkin I’ve worked with, easy to slice in two, easy to chop up in general, and easy to peel: no post-chopping red areas or blisters on my hands, no wrist stress. It also tastes great. I recommend it! I took a photo so I could make sure to get more than one when they come around again late this fall:


OK, while writing this I decided the dark purple is choice #1, so off I go to wind yarn so I can get started!