I started a new cardigan for me with a lovely silk and wool blend, Noro Iro. It’s going so quickly — it’s such a treat to see a sweater’s rapid progress on size 10 needles. As always in my experience with Noro yarns, though, nearly each of the 10 skeins had a break where it abruptly changed to a different color in the stripe sequence. My solution: to wind each skein and start a new ball wherever there was a break, and to note all color changes. For each new skein I put on the swift, I found the ends, pulled out a few yards of each to see which direction the color changes were going and used the one in which the colors went the correct direction.


The result: a cookie sheet of yarn, with a piece of paper on top that’s the map for which colors are in each ball. Writing it here so I don’t forget: I wrote down the color sequences from the inside of the ball out while winding but I’m knitting from the outside, so read the sheet from bottom to top. The system is working well and I’m 7 inches into the body already.