Friday’s “to do” list, had I written one, would have looked something like this: wake up at 4:30am due to weird dreams, including one about arriving at Stitches West without cash (so stupid to dream this, because vendors all take credit cards); drift in a semi-awake state until 6:30am to pretend this was a full night’s sleep; write SW shopping list because did not take the time during the week due to frantic last-minute knitting on massive sweater; weave in ends on sweater while oatmeal cooks, spit-splicing having reduced number of ends to make this a manageable morning task; drive an hour; wander market for 2 hours; long lunch; wander market for 2.5 more hours; meet up with friends for knitting and dinner and more knitting; drive home, arriving a little after 11pm.

Whew, what an exhausting day that was! I woke up so tired yesterday that I barely dragged myself out the door for Saturday errands and didn’t have the wherewithal to play with my new toys in the afternoon, which makes today play day. Here’s this year’s loot:


Dollars-wise, I spent about as much as the last 3 years, but came home with less yardage. I added 5,010 yards (2.85 miles) and 8 ounces of fiber to the stash this year and apparently I was in the mood for green, which didn’t notice until I unpacked the shopping bag.

Left to right across the top: mini-skein of Regia sock yarn that I cast on while wandering, Kollage square needles, stitch markers from Miss Purl, lip balm and lotion bar from Bar-Maids, 2 bags from Erin Lane, 10 skeins Cascade 220 Paints. Left to right across the bottom: black alpaca/silk and Falkland fiber from The Sassy Sheep, 2 skeins DK weight from Oink Pigments, 5 skeins Traveller from The Verdant Gryphon, Damsel from Dragonfly Fibers. At the bottom: Silk Sock from Red Fish Dyeworks.

The stitch markers from Miss Purl were on my shopping list; I didn’t have any large enough to use on a size 10 needle. These are great because the rings she uses are solid, meaning they won’t snag on your yarn while you’re working or stretch out and split. I bought the lotion bar as a comparison to my own lotion bar. [A couple of friends came over last weekend and we made caramel candy and lotion bars (in separate pots, I assure you). The bar was nearly as sticky an affair as the caramel because the honey oozed out after the bar hardened. A couple of days of resting on a towel and some rinses under the tap made it so I can actually use it without wearing it permanently. Sticking a bar to my dry shins might be an effective moisturizing treatment but I’d end up with a puddle of beeswax in my socks and that’s just not the look I’m going for.]

The sweater I began on February 1 was in a wearable state so I wore it to SW; however, it was over 70 degrees outside and about the same inside, so I carried it more than wore it (bulky wool/silk yarn + summery weather = NO). I had hoped to find buttons and did find one style I liked, but $18 a button isn’t happening when I need 5 of them.


It’s not completely finished. I used two balls of yarn for the buttonband/collar so the stripes would match, but at the back of the neck where I twisted them around each other intarsia-style, I twisted them on the wrong side. I didn’t pay attention that it’s a foldover collar until I was on the last two rows and the twists are visible, so I need to rip and re-knit the buttonband and collar. I also may lop a few inches off the sleeves after blocking; my swatch ended up shorter after blocking so they may be OK, must wait and see.

Today’s lunch is simmering on the stove: a root vegetable stew, because although winter isn’t really happening (it’s warm with sparkling sunshine outside now), the root vegetables know it’s winter and they’re what’s to be had at the farmers’ market.