I pawed through the stash this week and pulled out three balls of purples which accompanied me to quilting group yesterday (I definitely socialize there but am a quilting lurker, just go to ogle the lovely quilts) and to the Laundromat today (such a life of glamor here at Mmm… Yarn), and are now working up into a rather nice-looking hat:

Purples hat WIP

I like the way the different textures here work together; the yarns are wool, cotton (duller than the wool), and a wool/polyester blend (shinier). Sometimes cleaning random things out of the stash works in one’s favor.

I took a brisk walk in the park late this afternoon and saw the trees have gotten their annual pruning to remove all the twiggy little bits they grow in spring and summer. They now look knobby, like their branches are a bunch of clubs reaching up into the sky. I lay down on a bench to get this shot upward.

Knobby trees

A bunch of the birds I saw were toting strands of things in their beaks as they flew overhead. This means nesting time is coming soon!