Knitting is usually nothing except pretty darn orderly, and I do well with orderly (anyone peeking at my desk might question this bold self-assessment, not knowing there’s a method to the madness). This is probably why I took so well to my hobby when I learned it nearly 20 years ago. Sometimes, though, you get a project that specifies random action. How random it really can be when I’m the one choosing the arbitrariness of bead placement, I don’t know. But there’s help for us precise types: a quick stop at the games shelf this morning yielded a couple of chance cubes which are now helping me place beads in the watermelon sock in progress:

Socks WIP

It’s a simple enough method: I rub the dice in my hands (I would never find them again if I were to toss them while riding the bus) and read them left to right. The reading above is 3-5 so I work 35 stitches before putting a bead on the next knit stitch. Had the 5 been on the left, I would work 53. There are 60 stitches per round and the dice method gives me between 11 and 66 stitches between beads. I’ll decide after about 20 rounds whether I need to increase the interval so I don’t run out of beads before the heel flap. I’m not putting beads on the foot part, imagining that will be quite uncomfortable in a shoe.