I just got home from a short trip to A Verb For Keeping Warm, where I attended a very funny and informative talk given by Franklin Habit on the topic of Weldon’s Practical ___ (fill in the blank as you please: “Needlework” is the blanket term, but they put out specific booklets for many needle crafts (knitting and crochet and embroidery) and also branched out into crepe paper (horrifying, really!) and iron work and more). His talk covered some of the practical and much more of the not-so-practical items he has discovered in his readings of these publications, and he ended, as I am guessing he must end every conversation with knitters these days, with the striped bathing drawers made so famous on his blog, “The Panopticon,” a few months ago. So, while I did inspect drawers belonging to a man I have never met, all of us in the audience had an invitation to do so. They are, indeed, worthy of their fame. I must also add they were lying on top of a pile of yarn on a table and not worn by the man himself, lest any of you readers get the wrong impression here.

A trip to AVFKW rarely comes off without enhancing the stash because, boy, do they have some nice yarn. Some of it grabbed a ride home with me.


That’s Even Tinier Annapurna, in Sarah’s Sunny Disposition and Indigo Blue Sky, and the pattern I intend to use with them.

It was a good month for knitterly talks in the area; on the 6th I attended Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s scheduled book tour stop in San Francisco. She gave a short talk, read two chapters from her book, then probably developed a hand cramp signing her name in copies of her book over and over again (how she knits in the evenings on book tours after signing her name, legibly and in nice script, a couple of hundred times a night, I’ll never know). I bought her book, of course, and admit she’s the only the only author whose books I buy without having first gotten them from the library to see if they’re worthy of shelf space (once I check out a book 3 or 4 times, I consider that a copy of it might want to live here). This book is worthy.

Random thing to end a late-night post: baby hummingbirds in my friend’s rosebush!
Hummingbirds x 3