Feeling disgusted after an abysmal day shopping last weekend, on which I tried and failed to find new casual pants that are not skinny leg or quasi-yoga wear thank-you-very-much, I went to the thrift store this morning to root through non-modern pants, and spied across the room what looked like Kureyon sock yarn. Abandoning all thought of bottoms, I rushed for the sweater rack and found that a knitter’s pile of handmade pullovers somehow ended up hanging between nylon monstrosities in the thrift store. I rooted through those racks and here’s the haul, for a thrifty $24:


They are all fine yarn sweaters in stockinette stitch with seed stitch cuffs and bottom edges, drop shoulders with cropped sleeves, and a wide neckline edged in single crochet, obviously made using the same pattern. They are lovely, but too wide and too short for me so I am going to unravel and re-use the yarn for other projects, so the first step is identifying the yarn. The top two feel like Kureyon Sock, the red and the tan ones feel like Koigu KPPPM, and I don’t know about the other two but the bright aqua mix feels like it has a bit of elastic in it and the gray-navy is soft and a little fuzzy, Madelinetosh something or other, maybe. I don’t need more yarn (really and truly), but I also couldn’t bear to leave them there for the shoddy shredder, where I’m sure they’re going to end up if they don’t sell because they don’t have a brand or size label in them.

I haven’t finished anything in weeks. I lost my knitting mojo before my vacation, had no time to knit during vacation, and sprained my right ring finger on the first day of my vacation so it didn’t matter that I had no time. Back home, I’m keeping the finger mostly splinted for a few weeks, but for a knitter and spinner that makes for a dull life so I started knitting this week a little, carefully, and only in short spurts on a scarf.


This is Endless Rainbow by Martina Behm. I’m calling mine Limited Rainbow.