Nearly 3 years ago, I made a little sweater for my co-worker’s baby daughter.  Of all the hundreds of things I’ve made over the years, this one’s at the top of my personal list of favorites. Love the design, love how the colors work. Here’s a little photo to refresh your memory:


Today, my co-worker commented that she saw the sweater at a friend’s house a few days ago and wondered that her daughter was ever so small, especially because it was too big when I gave it. I said, “oh, it’s still around!?” And she said it’s on its way to its fourth or fifth wearer, with three more kids lined up (I guess the sets of parents are lined up) to inherit it afterward. Now that’s one heck of a compliment for this knitter! I’m pleased that it’s so appreciated!

[Update 10/2/2017: the co-worker had another baby last year and got this sweater back for daughter #2 to wear!]