Here we are, about to say fare thee well to 2014. A few of you have emailed to ask whether I’m still alive (because I’ve certainly quite neglected Mmm… Yarn since summer); tonight’s as good a night as any to say “yes”!

I spent over a week away from home for Christmas, visiting family members and a friend. We don’t do gifts anymore, thank goodness, except for ones for the small children, so it’s a stress-free event. My mom and I took a walk on Christmas Eve and watched the waves crash:


And the Christkind felt compelled to leave me this that same evening (apparently beating Santa to it):


On December 25 I briefly visited the spot where Mr. MmmYarn and I got married over 8 years ago. Pretty, isn’t it?


I am home again and still have a few days left to do whatever I want. Work is on furlough between Christmas and New Year’s, and with the extra week I took off before the holidays and furlough started, I will be off work 19 days total. I’ve read a lot, caught up on correspondence, and cleared some stuff out of the apartment.

Today was chilly indoors (well, outdoors too), so I went to the Academy of Sciences, where I visited the alligator, the rattlesnakes, the unusually active octopus; saw the planetarium show; and spun with the fishes at the Philippine coral reef tank:


You can see my cop getting a little unruly there at the bottom; fortunately, I’m nearly out of fiber so I only need to manage that mess a little while longer. A few kids noticed what I was doing but only for a second before they went back to finding Nemo (clownfish) and Dory (blue tang) in the tank.

I don’t do resolutions, but I’ve already accomplished something I had planned to do in 2015 thanks to a friend. I mentioned to her I wanted to get some Indian cooking tips but I couldn’t find a class, and she found a willing lady at her church who came to my house two nights ago and answered all my questions. I can make chapatti like a champ now and got other good tips. Years ago, we realized we were leaving a little too much money at India Clay Oven every month, so we bought spices and a cookbook and dove right in. I still cook Indian most of the time, just love the flavors, although I sure do miss Mr. MmmYarn’s help when it comes to chopping stuff. And still go to India Clay Oven when I want something that’s just too much work to make at home.

With just a few hours left in the year, I have my evening’s entertainment possibilities all lined up along with my booze (I’ll toast Mr. MmmYarn, of course! although he would have stuck with rum and coke) and snacks:


I’m somewhat determined to finish off that fiber tonight or tomorrow so I can ply it before I go back to work on Monday. I had hopes of finishing up some UFOs, too, before 2014 ended but can see that isn’t going to happen because it’s rather an embarrassment of riches in that department. Yarn, yarn, everywhere! In the words of Elizabeth Zimmermann: “My word, what good fortune. I can only hope the same for you.”

And I do. May you also have a lovely, cozy celebration tonight to ring in 2015, and an excellent year of crafting ahead of you.