Gosh, I feel like such a Spinzilla slacker. Other spinners on the Ravelry board have posts such as “two bobbins today” or are already plying. I have merely 2 bobbins full with the third barely started on the wheel and not even half the purple fiber on the spindle. I even skipped vacuuming and ironing this week, spinning instead.


Tomorrow, Lambtown!!

A large-ish small spinner in the park made an impression on me over the weekend:


My first reaction was: seriously? Since when do we have spiders with white legs and black knees and rotund red bodies in an urban park? I mean, I sit on the lawns there! It also had the audacity to spin its web on a pole with a 4-hour parking sign, and it was not ticketed 4 hours later. Talk about parking enforcement having a lax day.