Clemes & Clemes kindly had a Spinzilla spinning area in their booth at Lambtown today. After I looked at sheep and sheepdogs, wandered the booths, observed Sheep to Shawl (in which my guild’s team placed third, a big hooray for them!) and admired the critters in the petting zoo, it was time to buckle down at the wheel. I finished one of the singles on my spindle while walking around and filled a bobbin at the booth. Not bad for a day’s production, and I half-filled the 4th and final bobbin after I got home. The purple ball in the lower right corner is the finished ply I took off the spindle today.


I should be able to finish the wheel spinning in the morning; speaking realistically, I do not think I will finish the next ply on the spindle or that I’ll ply either project before 11:59pm tomorrow.