In keeping with this year’s personal goal to learn new stuff, I bought an inkle loom in September. Today I tried to warp it. Here’s this afternoon’s adventure:


Well, I’m not sure. All the YouTube videos and blog posts I found use a loom with a tensioning peg, a peg that’s screwed in and you slide back and forth as needed to keep the warp under tension. My loom has a tensioning paddle, that flap thing you see on the right edge of the photo. What in blazes am I supposed to do with that? I played with it a bit while I had only 2 strands warped and finally decided the three-quarters-of-the-way-back position is best to be starting with, figuring I can rotate it further back if I need more tension at the outset and still have enough play to rotate forward as needed when the warp tightens. We’ll see.

What else have I tried this year, you might wonder? Bohus knitting, kumihimo braiding, wire knitting, block printing with a hand-carved vinyl tile, indigo dyeing, and now inkle weaving. Plus my single crochet revelation a few weeks ago. It has been a busy crafting year.