Apparently I was right on track with my thoughts on how to use the tensioning paddle on the Hansen inkle loom because I turned out my first inkle band in an hour last night.


Pattern: Offset Bars (one repeat only) from The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon
Yarn: Bockens Mattlin Nel 4/6, 100% linen, 74g (12 yards) of black (color 522) and 31g (5 yards) of dark teal (color 588)
Size: 1.25″ wide at its best and 1.5″ at its worst, 90″ (2.5 yards) long
Started and finished 11/18/2017

Those first couple of strands I warped on yesterday snapped as I experimented with the paddle, so I looked for something stronger than the 2-ply wool I had immediately next to me. I found this Mattlin Nel in Mr. MmmYarn’s stash and, boy howdy, is this strong stuff. It’s linen and almost unpleasantly thick, and I couldn’t break it if I were a weightlifter. The scissors had a hard time. I figured it would hold up to a paddling. After I wove the first few sheds, I thought “hmm” and went to find the failed rug he made years ago, and this is the stuff he used in that warp. He complained the whole time how hard it was to keep the tension even.

Had I remembered that discussion during yarn selection, I would not have used this for my first project. Tension problems plagued me, too, resulting in some pretty wonky edges. Not that my plain weave edges are beautiful yet when I’m on the Flip, but they are presentable. Still, I learned to warp and learned the hand motions to make the sheds. There is some thin Cottolin in his stash that I haven’t known what to do with; I believe the next test band will be much more satisfactory.