I present to you today my longest spinning project ever, as measured in years. Four years and 3 months (sheesh!), not counting the 17 months it took me to get around to measuring the skein and writing up my notes.


The fiber is merino wool from Tausenschön, a nice vacation souvenir.

The bottom (lumpier and more uneven) skein is what took ages. It is 97 yards (50g) of 2-ply that I spun over the fold on my 18g spindle. I started it in June 2012 on a trip to Oregon. Making this has good memories because I taught my grandmother and uncle and aunt about spinning, and my uncle even had a go at it. The day after that discussion, we went to the woolen mill museum which had spinning machines and looms, so all I showed the day before had context. But I digress… spinning over the fold is what killed this project for me. It was a technique I wanted to try, but I found it fiddly and unpleasant. I worked on this off and on and finally plied the yarn on 9/18/2016 at 15:1 on my Lendrum wheel. I read in the intervening years that merino is typically considered to have too short a staple to spin over the fold, although I know some spinners do so successfully. Perhaps I should have tried with my 35g spindle instead of 18g.

The top skein is 200 yards (90g) of 2-ply that I spun worsted on my 35g Cascade Bay spindle, and that zoomed along much faster from 5/23 to 9/10/2016. At first, I didn’t want to spin with a different technique because I knew it would not be matching yarn, but the thought of 90g more to go decided that one! Plied 9/19/2016 also at 15:1 on my Lendrum wheel.

Have you had success at over the fold with merino?