After 3 more hours of knitting, I lost at yarn chicken. The little coil of orange is all that remains of the Annapurna yarn, with 2.5 rows to go. I hoped it would be enough to finish this row and I would just do the next two rows in gray instead of orange, but no joy.


Nothing apt turned up in the scraps bin, and the pretty terra cotta color is hard to match, but I dug around in my handspun and came up with that skein on the right, BFL from Tactile Fiber Arts in a color called Geranium. It’s only 2-ply and darker than the Annapurna, but I have plenty of it (184 yards!) and it will work if I use it symmetrically, so I will rip back to the start of the first orange-and-gray section and use it as the background in both those sections. Unfortunately, this means losing some 14 hours of work, so I won’t finish this in time to show it off in the mystery shawl prizes thread. Disappointing, to be sure, but I finally get to use some of my handspun to a good purpose and that’s kind of nice.

Drat the cell phone picture at night, even under a daylight lamp. I look forward to finished items photos under a cloudy sky to show the colors off properly.