Last May (gads, it has been more than a year), I took a kumihimo braiding class with instructor Karen Huntoon at the CNCH conference at Asilomar. I haven’t written about it here yet because it took me yonks to take photos of the finished items, but it was great fun and easy to learn. And today is the day to share! The first day, we did some practice bits with a bundle of random colors we each were given:


Then launched immediately into learning how to add beads to the braid to produce an edge bead necklace:


On day 2, we made a more complicated spiral bead necklace, which I ended up having to un-braid and re-do the following week because I saw I missed a bunch of beads, which spoiled the spiral effect. It turned out well the second time, every bead in place:


And on day 3, which was only a half-day session, we made a smaller project, a spiral ridge bracelet:


Since then, whenever I need a cord or drawstring, I grab some yarn and the kumihimo disk and go for it. I did not take photos of any of these, but the lanyard for my staff badge at work is pretty stylish in a striped red and orange silk/mohair blend.