Because the Force is present in all living things, it must be present in Stormtroopers, although it isn’t necessarily with them. It must be with me because I managed at last to finish this little guy:


Pattern: Stormtrooper by Lucy Collin, as published in “Star Wars Crochet”
Yarn: acrylic, about 35 yards
Hook: 3.5mm
Started 11/3/2017 and finished 1/7/2018

I am happy with him! He is going to accompany a wedding greeting card for a co-worker who got married and has several Stromtrooper adornments at his desk. The pattern is well-written in my opinion. I am a novice crocheter and had no troubles once I learned to single crochet properly (see my 11/4 post). The book is sold only as part of a kit that comes with yarn, a hook, and needed notions.

Another type of force was present on New Year’s Eve and I sent the year out with an inadvertent bang. Pressurized, bubbly force did this to my champagne bottle when I tried to open it:

Why I had a beer for New Year's Eve

No, I didn’t shake it, nor did I drop it or try to cut off the top of the bottle with a sword (apparently this is a thing; add that to the list of stuff I never heard of). All I did was tug the cork which, incidentally, was still in the bottle top when I found that piece. I am grateful it exploded away from my body and I wasn’t injured, although it did take an hour to clean up the kitchen (glass bits everywhere, including the ceiling!) and I had to discard the dinner I cooked and make another. It was early enough that I could have bought another bottle at the corner store, but am now leery of ever trying to pop a cork again, so greeted the new year with a beer. Prost 2018!